Hello ladies and gentlemen. Hello my classmates. I am so glad to see you guys today. My name is Jiani Wang. I am a native of Dalian,the beautiful sea-side city. I feel happy and lucky to know you guys and study together. I hope that we can learn from each other,support each other and fight for our goals together. I also hope that we can become life-time friends here in Ningxia


My name is Li Hua. Now I am in Class 1 Grade 1. I come from Niuzhuang Town. I was born On September 12, 1997. I graduated from Niuzhuang Middle school. I’m an outgoing boy and have many hobbies. I’m fond of listening to music but I am not good at singing. In my spare time I like reading books, playing chess and hanging out with friends. My favourite subject is English. I think it is very interesting and useful. So I will try my best to learn it well. I hope I can get along well with other students and teachers. My dream is to become a doctor in the future. Where there is a will , there is a way. I think I will realize my dream by working hard.



Good morning/afternoon, teachers and classmates.

Im XXX from class 1. I am a girl/boy of 13. My family including my father, mother and me. I like basketball best. In addition, I also like table tennis. My favorite food is carrots. Im also very interested in snacks.

Are these. Nice to meet you! I sincerely hope to make friends with you.


我是一班的XXX。我是一个13岁的女孩/男孩。我的家庭包括我的父亲、母亲和我。 我最喜欢篮球。 另外,我也喜欢乒乓球。 胡萝卜是我最喜欢的食物。我对零食也很感兴趣

这些是。 很高兴见到你! 我真诚地希望能和你交朋友。


My name is Lin and Im from China. Right now, Im a student. I study very hard every day. I like going to school because Im eager to learn. I enjoy learning English. Its my favorite class. I like to make friends and I get along with everyone. This is the introduction I give whenever I meet new people. It tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.



My name is Lin and I’m from China. Right now, I’m a student. I study very hard every day. I like going to school because I’m eager to learn. I enjoy learning English. It’s my favorite class. I like to make friends and I get along with everyone. This is the introduction I give whenever I meet new people. It tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.



My name is xx, I’m a girl, with a black head of long hair, bright eyes, sparkling, high nose, white skin, slim.

My advantage is that beautiful handwriting, defect is very timid. I have many hobbies, such as: drawing, do manual, singing and dancing, but my favourite is singing, after school, I always like singing and walked home, I like the music class, the teacher didn’t come, I will sing a song, listen to the teacher attentively, the teacher also praise me, and I listened to, very happy, the in the mind like eating the honey.

After singing brought me very happy, I must study hard to sing.

I love singing, also like to dance, in the home, when the music sounded, I would side with the rhythm of the music, the side is twisted.

On one occasion, my mother took me to Sue out shopping, went to the park, I saw many aunt and elderly grandmother in dancing, I hurried past, crowded in, also follow music accompaniment jumped up, jump up, I ran to my mother’s side, mother said I jump very beautiful, I’m flattered.

You know me? A little girl loves singing and dancing. What time to hand over a friend.









My name is Xu x, Im going to be in grade five! Today, I introduce myself to you. I hope you can be friends!


I am a quiet girl. I like to stay in the classroom and play with my classmates. Although I dont speak much in front of strangers, Im not so quiet in my class!


I usually wear a ponytail. I like to have long hair, but my mother doesnt like me to have long hair. Every time I cut my hair, its dragged away.


I like summer. Because in summer, you can turn on the air conditioner. Its comfortable in a cool air-conditioned room!


Time passed quickly. In an instant, I was almost in fifth grade. Then, its sixth grade, after that, its going to be junior high! I am very reluctant to classmates, reluctant to teachers, hope to stay in school for a few more years, never leave!


I am what I am.


Hello My name is I am XX years There are three people in my My father is a manager in a He works from 9 to 5 My mom is a She works in the Sometimes, she has to work at I sometimes watch TV shows with my I am in Class XX Grade There are XX people in my I sometimes play ballgames with my classmates after





Today I am very happy,Because I can talk about with you.You see I am

a lovely girl,yes!I like laughing,I like studying.That`s me– zhuyingjie from Badong shiyan primary school.I am eight. I am young but I know “we are the masters of nature.” We have only one earth. But now,the environment becomes worse and worse. As you know,there’s no enough clean water for people. So many of them lose their lives because of water.If we take good care of our earth today,it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

My dear friend let us start from the trivial side,To be a good kid keeper.








Hello, my name is wang yan, a high heart can meet all of you, for me, is more stubborn, I decided that things will never change, unless you are right I was wrong.

Early in the morning, standing in front of the mirror, look in the mirror in the familiar face, feel oneself was a child, but I was in junior, is no longer a child.

Think of every little bit of good friends, unconsciously tears just climbed up the face, yeah! And did six years of his close friend, to this, that separate is separate, there must be many. But whatt find my shoes, anyway by mother remind later discovered I wash the shoes, on the outside. You said I am not forgetful forgetfulness.

I like the teacherm very careless, often counterproductive. Once the teacher asked me to help him finish his writing board, as a result, I listen to the blackboard writing all wipe up, the teacher without saying anything hard writing blackboard writing brush. The teacher got red in the face. Funny you say is not funny.

I am such a person, to welcome you all to find my friends! It pay attention in class, to lead to such result, I this is impatient.

Clicking I played the boys been more than an hour, after the mother took a pear, mother long give a sigh said: eat pears, you wash is really not easy! This is I love playing computer.

Get up! Sister woke me, I rubbed his dim eyes, deep ground to say: what time is it? 11 only 11 o m not too good, but I can play, a free until to dont mention it! Another time before six and I (3) class Zhao Junkai and fit in with the cui, we are all iron elder brothers, once was playing it, Zhao Junkai injured, we two word, holding him and ran the clinic, to check he dont take, I will let him to register my name, since the return of money!

This is me, more I trouble, less advantage of me. Dont you want to make friends with me?








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