I graduated from university since 2009, has been worked in xx company human resources department, the first post of the post is ahrspecialist, then the head of employee relations, at present is mainly responsible for compensation and benefits. Our company is xx groups regional sales headquarters in mainland China, the main products are laptop, tablet, all-in-one PC, mobile phone, motherboard, graphics CARDS, optical drive, display, etc.

My work has been more than five years, when I first got into the company, is engaged in the daily personnel work is the most basic, simple and tedious, but laid a solid foundation for future development. After a year of exercise, I began to contact the employee relations, from simple remove labor contract to the department of layoffs, and labor arbitration, court action, I have done in an orderly way. In the management of employee relations at the same time, I also management of employee benefits, is mainly responsible for social security fund, commercial insurance, etc. Since 2013, my supervisor is responsible for all salary welfare affairs in east China, updating the companys salary welfare system.

In the company of these five years, I various aspects ability have been greatly improved. Especially in human resource management, when I finished from implicitly, to combine theory with practice slowly, in a few years of work in gradually improve the ability of human resource management and application level, summarize, now basically has the following several aspects:

A, labor relations

From my job, I am independent completed a number of revision of the rules and regulations, including “employee handbook”, “on a business trip abroad management method”, “competent expatriate management method”, “performance appraisal work method”, “attendance system” and so on, which is the biggest achievement handbook revision in 2012, the whole revision process is long and arduous, which lasted for about three months, I consulted during 12333, labor law, refer to the various kinds of books, to ensure that the procedure legal and valid. Although very tedious, but it let me deeply understand the human resources work careful and meticulous, must not neglect any one link, at the same time also to exercise the ability of communication and coordination with all departments.

In addition to the revision of the rules and regulations, since I took office, were treated with a labor arbitration and the second court civil lawsuits, labor contract removes the countless cases, each time smoothly solve difficult labor dispute for the company, reducing the loss of company, maintain the good image of the enterprise. Carefully from the beginning, and then in an orderly way, in every process, I have accumulated their own practical experience, enrich their theoretical knowledge, the theory and practice together effectively, improve their professional quality.

Second, the pay and benefits

With the development of the company unceasingly, the increase of the turnover, found that the companys existing compensation system, there are many disadvantages according to the requirement of the headquarters in Taipei, we embarked on salary system reform, through to pay the companys research, learning their methodology, combined with the actual situation of the company, apply to the compensation system reform. Our jobs, skill levels, according to the staff to master degree, performance evaluation of personnel to reclassify such as grading, do personnel and post matching. Wait staff as new rank confirmed, and the pay company provides industry data at the time, to develop a new payroll, ensure company employees pay level is not lower than the industry level, make our company more competitive, at the same time have a greater incentive to employees. This adjustment is a large-scale reform, it involves human resource planning, recruitment, training, compensation, benefits, employee relations and so on various aspects, is a good learning opportunity for me, let me have a chance to review the companys compensation system, but also consolidated the knowledge of human resource management module, let the theory to practice, make full use of enriched my actual combat experience, also promoted the theoretical level, make oneself can in the field of human resources work more on a level.

Throughout more than 5 yearshrworking life, although I participated in the human resources related to the work, but found himself still have a lot to learn, in the work also deeply realize the various modules of human resources work is closely linked, so we in the usual work to learn not only to master the relevant laws and policies, and reasonable use in practice, it is human resources practitioners must do. Therefore, this time I enrolled in the training of human resources management division. Through the study of this period of time, not only help me to review the human resource, but also learned a lot from experienced teachersHRpractice operation skill, let me benefit a lot. In the future work, Ill learn the theoretical knowledge and their actual work better, better to do a good job in human resources management for enterprises to make their own contribution to the development.









More than three years of administrative personnel work let I realized profoundly, the importance of human resources management for enterprise development. Internal work, employee relationship management, and administrative work, let me finish the work in at the same time, also better exercise oneself, strengthen the actual combat experience and communication skills. My ongoing human resources helps the teacher training, I wish to continue to develop and improve in the field of human resources.

Willing to communicate with people, good at socializing, has certain organization plan ability, strong team spirit and collective sense of honor, learning and constantly seeking progress in work.


I came from xx university of technology, has the good professional knowledge and operating ability, and in * * * month by the national human resources management division (level 3) exam. Solid grasp of human resources management related knowledge, be familiar with human resources development, performance management and appraisal, compensation management and enterprise strategy management process, familiar with the study and master the “labor contract law” and relevant theory of the social security act.

My English level is outstanding, in the second grade passed cet4 test, have a good reading writing and spoken English. During the period of school, has repeatedly take part in the national college students English contest and get good grades.

During the university, I actively participated in various activities, has held various positions in the community. I love the team activities, have a very strong team cooperation consciousness, during the period of school also served as captain of the football team in the area, has a strong organization and coordination ability. Strong dedication and sense of responsibility that I can face any difficulties and challenges.

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