The judges hello everyone, I am a graduating computer science undergraduates. University four years, for I laid a solid foundation of professional theory, good organization ability, team cooperation spirit, pragmatic work style and good communicating ability.

On theory study, I learn professional knowledge seriously theory, at the same time of learning professional required courses, I also read a lot of computer books.

At the same time for legal, literature and other aspects of the non-professional knowledge I also have a keen interest. During the period of school, has repeatedly in the professional exam places for single one. Get on a scholarship, third-class scholarship five times. Is a the best students, unanimously praised by teachers and classmates.

commonly used software. With ease.


Good morning! I am very glad to have this opportunity to take part in this interview. My name is XXX, I graduated from XXX Normal University.

After graduation, I have been engaged in primary school English education. Committed to primary school English teaching practice and more effective.

In the work, through his own efforts and the help of the teachers of various disciplines, the teaching style of their own teaching style is gradually formed, and the teaching style between teachers and students is harmonious, the love is interactive, and the teaching style contains teaching and learning, relying on the resonating teachers and students emotion, using the unique charm and characteristics of English to attract and infect the students voluntarily, actively and creatively.

To participate in English activities in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. In English activities, students should be encouraged to publicize their personalities, develop their potentials, foster guidance and stimulate students interest in English.


Now i will introduce myself briefly,i am 21 years old,born in heilongjiang province ,northeast of china,and I am curruently a senior student at beijing __ uni.my major is packaging engineering.and i will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in june.in the past 4 years,i spend most of my time on study, I have passed CET4/6 with a ease. And I have acquired basic knowledge of packaging and publishing both in theory and in practice. besides, I have attend


Good morning, Dear Professors:

It’s my honor to be here to introduce myself to you. My name is , I come from ,the capital of Province. I graduated from the Mathematics department of Zhengzhou University in July ,2010.I was born in an ordinary family, and my parents are f . My is a teacher , working in university of Technology .

My family were delighted with my becoming a fresh man in September 2003.and I had a wonderful time at the Zhengzhou University in the next 7 years. Luckily, I obtained the bachelor and master degree , and my ability of self-learning , logical thinking and logical reasoning have been greatly improved at the same time.

In the past years, I’ve worked at college as a teacher. During my work career, I found my professional knowledge gradually sneak away from me.So I have to go back to my study. Now I realize my specialty and what I really need.It’s the place where I can make my dream come true. Thank you very much.


Good It’s a pleasure for me to be here in front of you to present My name is Jennifer Wong, and I am a candidate for the position of Overseas Sales background and work experience are tailor-made for this I studied marketing as an undergrad here in Taiwan, and in 1995, I received my MBA from the School of Business, University of For five years, I have utilized my skills and knowledge as the Assistant Director of Exports for Magic Kitchen Appliances is a forward-looking I am aware that you are expanding into new markets, particularly in the Thus you are going to need aggressive, take-charge sales

At Magic Kitchen, during my five years there, we expanded our market share by 25%. This is just one example of my ability to go out there and sell position with your company would be both a learning experience and a great I look forward to becoming part of the Action Thank




1.Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is ***, 24. I come from ******,the capital of *******Province. I graduated from the ******* department of *****University in July ,2001.In the past two years I have been preparing for the postgraduate examination while I have been teaching *****in NO.****middle School and I was a head-teacher of a class in junior grade two.Now all my hard work has got a result since I have a chance to be interview by you . I am open-minded ,quick in thought and very fond of history.In my spare time,I have broad interests like many other youngsters.I like reading books, especially those about *******.Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line.In addition ,during my college years,I was once a Net-bar technician.So, I have a comparatively good command of network application.I am able to operate the computer well.I am skillful in searching for information in Internet.I am a football fan for years.Italian team is my favorite.Anyway,I feel great pity for our country’s team. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning .Of course, if I am given a chance to study ****** in this famous University,I will stare no effort to master a good command of advance ******.

2.Good afternoon .I am of great hornor to stand here and introduce myself to you .First of all ,my english name is …and my chinese name is ..If you are going to have a job interview ,you must say much things which can show your willness to this job ,such as ,it is my long cherished dream to be …and I am eager to get an opportunity to do…and then give some examples which can give evidence to .then you can say something about your hobbies .and it is best that the hobbies have something to do with the job.

What is more important is do not forget to communicate with the interviewee,keeping a smile and keeping your talks interesting and funny can contribute to the success.

I hope you will give them a wonderful speech .Good luck to you !

3.good morning, my name is jack, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview, i would like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a good performance today, eventually enroll in this prestigious university in september. now i will introduce myself briefly,i am 21 years old,born in heilongjiang province ,northeast of china,and i am curruently a senior student at beijing XX uni.my major is packaging engineering.and i will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in june.in the past 4 years,i spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 with an ease. and i have acquired basic knowledge of packaging and publishing both in theory and in practice. besides, i have attend several packaging exhibition hold in Beijing, this is our advantage study here, i have taken a tour to some big factory and company. through these i have a deeply understanding of domestic packaging industry. compared to developed countries such as us, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1978,our packaging industry are still underdeveloped, mess, unstable, the situation of employees in this field are awkard. but i have full confidence in a bright future if only our economy can keep the growth pace still. i guess you maybe interested in the reason itch to law, and what is my plan during graduate study life, i would like to tell you that pursue law is one of my lifelong goal,i like my major packaging and i won’t give up,if i can pursue my master degree here i will combine law with my former education. i will work hard in thesefields ,patent ,trademark, copyright, on the base of my years study in department of p&p, my character? i cannot describe it well, but i know i am optimistic and confident. sometimes i prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but i am not lonely, i like to chat with my classmates, almost talk everything ,my favorite pastime is valleyball,playing cards or surf online. through college life,i learn how to balance between study and entertainment. by the way, i was a actor of our amazing drama club. i had a few glorious memory on stage. that is my pride.



hello everyone, my name is lee.

thi is realli a great honor to have thi opportunity, and i believ i can make good perform today.

now i will introduc myself briefly.

i am 20 year old born in guangdong province, south of china, and i am a senior student at guangdong **university.

my major is english.

a nd i will receiv my bachelor degre after my graduat in june.

in the past four years, i spent most of my time on study.

i pass cet4 and cet6 with a eas and acquir basic theoret and practic knowledg of language.

besides, i have attend sever speech competit held in beijing, which realli show our profession advantages.

i have taken a tour to some big factori and companies, through which i got a deep understand of english for application.

compar to develop countries, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinari progress sinc 1998, our packag industri is still

underdeveloped, messi and unstable, and the situat of employe in the field is awkward.

but i have full confid in it bright futur if onli our economi can be kept at the growth pace still.

i guess you mai be interest in why i choos thi job.

i would like to tell you that thi job is on of my lifelong goals.

if i can work here,i will work hard.

a to my character, i cannot describ it well, but i know i am optimist and confident.

sometim i prefer to stai alone, read and listen to the music, but i am not lonely, for i like to chat with my classmat about almost


my favorit pastim is to plai volleyball, to plai card or to surf online.

from life at university, i learn how to balanc studi and entertainment.

by the way, i wa an actor in our amaz drama club. i have a few gloriou memori on stage. that is my pride…



good morning/afternoon,my name isyanghaiyan ,you can call me yanzi.i like the feeling flying in the sky like aswallow.it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview, iwould like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a goodperformance today.

now i will introduce myself briefly.i am 20 years old,born inshandong province.i grow up in a sweet family,composed of my dad,mom,brotherand myself.i am an optimistic and confident girl.i have full confidence in abright future,and i believe i can do well in caac.punctuality and diligence arecrucial to most future careers,i will try my best. altough i just graduatedfrom school, i have confidence to venture my funture.scoaring in the sky as anairhostess has been a dream for me since childhood.this is why i’m longing fora job on a plane, and this is why i’m standing here for this interview.i hopemy application will be granted ,so that i will delive my best serviesthroughout the world as a airhostess member of caac and my dream can cometure.that’s all.nice talking to you .thanks.


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview. I hope I canmake a good performance today. I’m confident that I can succeed. Now I willintroduce myself briefly. I am 26 years old, born in Shandong province. Igraduated from Qingdao University. My major is electronics. And I got mybachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 2003. I spent most of mytime on study, and I’ve passed CET-6 during my university. And I’ve acquiredbasic knowledge of my major. It is my long cherished dream to be an engineer andI am eager to get an opportunity to fully play my ability.




In 2000, I entered the Nanjing University of Science %26 Technology (NUST) — widely considered one of the China’s best engineering schools. During the following undergraduate study, my academic records kept distinguished among the whole department. I was granted First Class Prize every semester, and my overall GPA(89.5/100) ranked No.1 among 113 students. In 1999, I got the privilege to enter the graduate program waived of the admission test. I selected the Shanghai Jiao Tong University to continue my study for its best reputation on Combinatorial Optimization and Network Scheduling where my research interest lies.

At the period of my graduate study, my overall GPA(3.77/4.0) ranked top 5% in the department. In the second semester, I became teacher assistant that is given to talented and matured students only. This year, I won the Acer Scholarship as the one and only candidate in my department, which is the ultimate accolade for distinguished students endowed by my university. Presently, I am preparing my graduation thesis and trying for the honor of Excellent Graduation Thesis.

Research experience and academic activity.

When a sophomore, I joined the Association of AI Enthusiast and began to narrow down my interest for my future research. In 1997, I participated in simulation tool development for the scheduling system in Prof. Wang’s lab. With the tool of OpenGL and Matlab, I designed a simulation program for transportation scheduling system. It is now widely used by different research groups in NUST. In 1998, I assumed and fulfilled a sewage analysis %26 dispose project for Nanjing sewage treatment plant. This was my first practice to convert a laboratory idea to a commercial product.

In 1999, I joined the distinguished Professor Yu-Geng Xis research group aiming at Network flow problem solving and Heuristic algorithm research. Soon I was engaged in the FuDan Gene Database Design. My duty was to pick up the useful information among different kinds of gene matching format. Through the comparison and analysis for many heuristic algorithms, I introduced an improved evolutionary algorithm — Multi-population Genetic Algorithm. By dividing a whole population into several sub-populations, this improved algorithm can effectively prevent GA from local convergence and promote various evolutionary orientations. It proved more efficiently than SGA in experiments, too. In the second semester, I joined the workshop-scheduling research in Shanghai Heavy Duty Tyre plant. The scheduling was designed for the rubber-making process that covered not only discrete but also continuous circumstances. To make a balance point between optimization quality and time cost, I proposed a Dynamic Layered Scheduling method based on hybrid Petri Nets. The practical application showed that the average makespan was shortened by a large scale. I also publicized two papers in core journals with this idea. Recently, I am doing research in the Composite Predict of the Electrical Power system assisted with the technology of Data Mining for Bao Steel. I try to combine the Decision Tree with Receding Optimization to provide a new solution for the Composite Predictive Problem. This project is now under construction.




其实要懂得应对此问题,就要先做好准备you’ll have a better chance of impressing the interviewer if you think about this question before the interview.

the first thing to realize is that the question, “tell me about yourself,” provides you with a great chance to promote your strong points. this is particularly important when applying for a job that is different from what you have done in the past. you need to show the interviewer that your previous jobs provide you with skills that can be used in the new job.

what to talk about如何介绍?

你可以选择三个重点来介绍自己,但避免重复履历中曾提及的资料。around this skeleton should be the meat of your answer; your less obvious, but important skills. here are some of the skills that you might want to mention.你可以介绍自己是:

problem solver解决问题能手

creative thinker充满创意


people person与人相处融洽

team player合群


this doesn’t mean that you just say, “i’m a great problem solver.” instead, explain how you used your problem-solving skills at your previous job.事例比自我夸耀更能说明问题。


what to say应说什么?

what you actually say, in terms of the words you use, is something that you have to decide. you need to create an answer that sounds natural and, at the same time, interesting.背答案估计没有人愿意听。the way to determine whether your answer is natural is simply by writing a first draft of the answer and then read it out loud. when you do this, you’ll probably spot things that you have to change.


here are some final things to think about when answering the question “tell me about yourself.”

mention major awards or accomplishments that relate to your career;


promote your strengths, but do not mention any of your weaknesses;


try to be funny if you can, but don’t force it;


summarize your career and education, but don’t recite a list;


don’t start with your date of birth;


avoid information that is not career-related. the fact that you own a dog won’t get you a job


always answer this question


try to sound natural


relax and enjoy yourself!



good morning sir, (what will you say if it is a woman?)

i am glad to be here for this interview. first, let me thank you for finding time in the midst of pressing affairs.

i am 25 years old and i am local. (i live locally sounds better) i am seeking an opportunity to work with xxx as sales. (..in sales or as a sales representative/whatever).my professional experience and my awareness of your unparalleled reputation have led me to want to work for your company.

i have a bachelor degree with a major in mechanical and electrical field.(pause) graduated from the xxx university in XX. over the past three years, i have worked with xxx co.,ltd as sales (again, in sales or as a sales man/person/rep?) who responsible (with responsibility mainly) for the market of hunan. during this period, i have learnt much. i learned the values of teamwork and commitment, how to win, how to work hard, how to concentrate and focus on goals, and how to balance my time and priorities. additional experience in other fields such as graduation practice in factory and commercial negotiation also reinforces my value to your company.

i enjoy thinking, enjoy learning, enjoy working, (and i am )able to bear work pressure.

in my free time, i often participate (in) activities such as table tennis (and) badminton.

i am expecting to become your colleague on some day. (more tactful to say ’i would love to become you colleague/join the company)

because being offhand in advance, let’s leave it at that. (this sentence makes no sense. ’being offhand’ means to be rude, inconsiderate, ill-mannered so i don’t think that is whay you mean! in advance of what? ’let’s leave it at that’ is a command, it sounds rather abrupt and ill-mannered to me, again i don’t think this is what you meant. how about ’i would love to join your company and you would not regret giving me this opportunity.’ and just finish with a smile!)



1.good morning everyone.大家早上好。

2.good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.先生们,女士们下午好。

3.good evening, teachers and fellow students.老师们,同学们晚上好。

4.it’s my great honor to introduce myself to you here.很荣幸在这儿向大家作自我介绍。

5.it’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you here.我很高兴在这儿向大家作自我介绍。

6.i’m very happy to introduce myself to you here.我很高兴在这儿向大家作自我介绍。

7.i’m very glad to introduce myself to you here.我很高兴在这儿向大家作自我介绍。

8.i feel very honored to introduce myself to you here.我感到很荣幸在这儿向大家作自我介绍。

9.it is a great pleasure for me to introduce myself to you here.我是如此的高兴在这儿向大家作自我介绍。

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